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GETi Titanium and black zircomium 
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If you have arrived here from a search engine looking to buy GETi Black Zirconium or Titanium rings for men, unique men's rings or wedding rings, then you are in for a treat.

The GETi range has been developed with you in mind. Browse through our categories on the right to see the largest selection of GETi Black Zirconium and Titanium mens rings and wedding rings on the planet.

lasered zen art titanium rings by GETi

If you dont find what you are looking for then please get in touch and we will happily develop something that is unique to you.

The ring on your finger is an extension of your personality - it can be modest or extravagant, plain, inlaid or diamond set - the choice is yours.

Choosing to buy a unique Titanium or Black Zirconium ring by GETi shows the world you care about quality and style and you want everyone to know it. There are Titanium rings and then there are GETi men's Titanium rings.

GETi diamond set titanium rings
We welcome your feedback on our site and our mens rings. Please feel free to leave a review about our products and service. GETi rings and men's jewellery are 100% made in the UK using high quality materials. GETi have been producing rings for over a decade acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning their manufacture.

Their products are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects. You can be confident that if any problem should develop with your GETi ring in the future, they will be able to help solve it.

GETi plain titanium rings
Very few suppliers of unique Titanium rings and mens jewellery can give this promise and stand by it. Please enjoy your visit to our site!

Current lead time for ring manufacture - 2 - 3 weeks. Please specify if you need your order sooner and we will advise you if it is possible.

Please note that we are only open on Saturdays by appointment.

geti black zirconium rings
Platinum, Palladium and Titanium rings are durable and hard wearing but will take on scratches and rub marks quite easily. These marks will blend in and become less noticeable in time as the ring is worn. geti inlaid rings

Titanium Rings and Bathroom Fittings

Read here for information about caring for your GETi Titanium rings and what to do if you should accidently rub the ring against your ceramic bathroom fittings.

Titanium rings care instructions.

Titanium Rings Finishes

Think your Titanium ring is indestructable and won't scratch? Think again! This is how they look with the different finishes from 'showroom' condition before the ravages of wear and tear set in and it takes on its own charm and character.

Titanium rings finishes

Can Titanium Rings Be Resized?

A common question this one - many jewellers claim that it can't based on their own limited experience of the metal. Find out what can and can't be done to resize your GETi Titanium ring in the future.

Resizing GETi Titanium Rings